Intensivkurs Sommer Herbst 2022

Englisch  -  UNIcert II

Grammar and Communication [GER B2.1]
 Zeit: 29.08-16.09.2022, vormittags von 09:00 bis ca. 12:30 Uhr

Voraussetzungen: Einstufungstest (65-74 Punkte) oder  Schein "General Refresher"

Prüfungsleistungen: Klausur, Zwischentests, Referat und Mitarbeit

ECTS: 6    SWS: 4
Lehrbuch: Unterrichtsmaterial wird von der Lehrkraft gestellt.

By looking at an array of everyday topics, from the media to travel to current events, this course will take a communicative approach to build upon your grammar use and vocabulary as well as listening and speaking skills. Participants will concentrate on expressing opinions, reasoning, making plans and describing memorable as well as day to day experiences. Grammatical areas will include: the correct use of tenses, modal verbs, prepositions, quantifiers, adjectives and adverbs.

EC II A 1  
 FSZ ÜR 106, Wilhelmstr. 22
 E. Quin0 € 

Englisch  -  UNIcert II

Introduction to Business English [GER B2.2]

Zeit: 04.10-14.10.2022, nachmittags von 14:00 - ca. 17:30 Uhr (nicht 10.10.2022)

Voraussetzungen: Schein UNIcert II oder Einstufungstest (75-84 Punkte)

Prüfungsleistungen: Mitarbeit, mündliche Leistung undKlausur

ECTS: 3    SWS: 2

Lehrbuch: Unterrichtsmaterial wird von der Lehrkraftgestellt.

This course offers participants an introduction to the world of Business English and will focus on the skills needed for working life such as writing job applications, writing formal and informal correspondence, preparing for meetings & negotiations, and dealing with complaints. A linguistic emphasis will be placed on the acquisition of business-related vocabulary. Moreover, the course will offer insights into the world of entrepreneurship.

EC II A 4  
 FSZ ÜR 206, Wilhelmstr. 22
 P. Kingsbury0 € 

Englisch  -  UNIcert II

Round Table [GER B2.2]
 Zeit: 12.09-20.09.2022, vormittags von 09:00 bis ca. 12:30 Uhr

Voraussetzungen: Einstufungstest (75 - 84 Punkte) oder Schein UNIcert® II

Prüfungsleistungen: Mitarbeit, mündliche Leistung und Klausur

ECTS: 3   SWS: 2

Lehrbuch: Unterrichtsmaterial wird von der Lehrkraft gestellt

In 2015, the United Nations set 17 sustainable development Goals (SDGs), to be met by 2030, covering areas such as poverty, hunger and food security, good health, education, justice and gender equality, alongside various environmental issues, including energy, economic growth, climate change, biodiversity, and sustainable consumption and production.

In this course, we will learn about these and related topics of global importance, listen to video and audio podcasts, read articles and visit relevant websites. To improve our active language skills, we will work on appropriate vocabulary and structures, and then present and discuss these topics both orally and in writing.

Please click here to see the UN’s SDGs:

The course will be offered in cooperation with Career Service and Student Initiative “Greening the University”; the “Leistungsnachweis” will therefore be accepted within the framework of Studium Oecologicum.
EC II A 6  
 FSZ ÜR 203, Wilhelmstr. 22
 M. Strain0 € 

Englisch  -  UNIcert III

Business English II-III [GER C1]

Zeit: 19.09-29.09.2022, vormittags von 08:30 bis ca. 13:30 Uhr

Voraussetzungen: Schein "Business English I"

Prüfungsleistungen: Mitarbeit, mündliche Leistung, schriftliche Leistung und Klausur

ECTS: 8   SWS: 4   Modul: Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Lehrbuch: Unterrichtsmaterial wird von der Lehrkraft gestellt.

The transfer of theory into practice is the key element of this task-based course. Authentic material and tasks have been developed to meet the specific needs of young entrepreneurs entering the business world. The topics covered – business ownership, finance, production, marketing and CSR - provide the basis for setting up your own (fictional) company. The four language skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking – are enhanced, with speaking as a focal point. Through interactive project work, the ‘soft skills’ essential for business are also developed.

 FSZ ÜR 106, Wilhelmstr. 22
 R. Thoma0 €